Rep. Jim Jordan’s accuser: A personal story.

By Britt Malinsky:

Let me preface this by stating that I am a Democrat, and, politically, agree with virtually nothing Jim Jordan has ever said within the halls of the United States Capitol. I don’t usually like to talk about politics in this space, however, when politics and wrestling intersect, as they do here, this discussion is unavoidable.

The AGON Wrestling Championships were an ill-fated venture of Mike DiSabato, one of the accusers of the Congressman. AGON III took place on January 26th, 2014, at Kachel Gymnasium, in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Initially, attendance was reported as being 3,413. However, the official capacity of Kachel Gymnasium was (and still is) 2,495. At this point, I responded by asking where the fire marshall citation was, knowing darned well that the attendance figure mentioned was preposterous. Mr. DiSabato, who was the founder of AGON, came back by saying something along the lines of Williams Center (the building containing Kachel Gymnasium) was a big place (I can’t find the actual tweet, unfortunately). I pressed the issue, and eventually got a response from one of Mr. DiSabato’s staff people, Kevin Schlosser, stating that the actual attendance for AGON III was 1,085, and the 3,413 number came from everybody entering the building, such as students using the adjacent weight room and recreation center, for example.

This is an exceedingly small issue, of course, but it lends me to believe that the person making the accusation is simply not credible, and using this situation for attention. As the saying goes, you can only cry wolf so many times before nobody is going to believe you. The fact that Mr. DiSabato would outright lie about something so trivial tells me that he would also lie about something as big as this.

Note: The first tweet of the Twitter exchange can be found at, and the rest can be found at The actual attendance figure was sent from Kevin in an e-mail. For further information on Mr. DiSabato’s character, I encourage you to read up on the rest of his tweets as well.

Further, anybody else who has a story they would like to tell, feel free to mention in the comments below.

Britt Malinsky is the Editor-in-Chief of WrestlingByPirate.


Editorial: Eastern Michigan Endgame

By Britt Malinsky:

On Tuesday, March 20th, three days after the conclusion of the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, we all woke up to the news that Eastern Michigan University’s wrestling program would be shut down at the conclusion of the season, alongside men’s swimming and diving, and women’s softball and tennis. Almost immediately, the wrestling community went to work in solidarity to try to save the program, some by simply showing support, some by raising money, some by doing other things. I immediately thought to ask to make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of the university, asking for a copy of Athletic Director Scott Wetherbee’s contract, and three days later, I had a copy of said contract in my e-mail inbox, which was promptly posted on this website’s Twitter account, @wrestlingbypir8, and also can be found at Scott Wetherbee’s contract. As this piece goes forward, follow the money.

Originally, the idea was to see what incentives the contract had for non-revenue sports, in hopes of being able to work with Wetherbee to give him reasons to reinstate the program. What I found, on the other hand, was clause 8.3.1, which was the clause re-opening his buyout if he dropped any sports in the meantime. The sentence before stated, “The University has no present intention to eliminate any of its current varsity sports.” Given that the contract was signed on December 12th, 2017, exactly 98 days before the program was, in fact, disbanded, this told me that that clause was negotiated in bad faith. I can’t imagine that much would have changed in fewer than 100 days that would have caused Wetherbee to can four sports. Also, remember the December 12th date, that’ll be important in the next paragraph.

Number two, New facilities press release. Check the date on that…look familiar? Oh, yes, THREE DAYS after the signing of the contract. And, further, look at clause 4.1.2 in Wetherbee’s contract, combined with the memorandum on the last page of the contract PDF. If he raises two million dollars in the 2017-18 fiscal year (ending June 30th), he gets a $2,000 bonus. If he raises five million dollars, a $10,000 bonus. Well, it’s a heck of a lot easier to raise money for a capital project than it is to, say, keep an athletic department simply running. Get people excited about a $75,000,000 project, it’s much easier to raise money for that than to, oh, raise money so the donor gets better seats at a usually-empty Rynearson Stadium, where their football team plays. Again, looking at the contract, follow the money.

Number three, and this was just released today, the books being cooked. Eastern Michigan sent in to the NCAA (as required by every university, for every sport, in the 2018 NCAA Management Report) that they spent $292,662 on (home) game expenses for their wrestling team. By comparison, that was more than they spent on that line item for every single women’s sport combined. As was reported by MLive today, they were off by $280,300. $131,250 of that was for football “bowl assessments” (assuming these are 2016-17 figures, which is unclear, my best guess for that is game tickets that the university was forced to buy as a condition off going to the bowl game that were left unsold), $87,600 for men’s basketball game officials, and $61,450 for women’s basketball game officials. Why any of those would be under wrestling numbers is beyond my comprehension, for all of these means there has to be some sort of agenda here that they unsuccessfully hoped nobody would FOIA.

So, what’s the endgame here? My hope, initially, was that we could get Wetherbee and University President James Smith to come around to us, and allow us to fundraise to save the sport. After all, Smith has a history here, having tried to drop the program at Northern State in South Dakota prior to his arriving in Ypsilanti, and having a community forcing him to reverse course. Having said that, and having gone through the numbers here, that doesn’t appear likely to happen. That being said, with all of the red flags here, and with the caveat that I’m no lawyer, there does seem to be a case here, and the only endgame that ends up with the Eastern Michigan wrestling program continuing to compete also ends up with Wetherbee and Smith in handcuffs.

Britt Malinsky is the Editor-in-Chief of WrestlingByPirate. He can be found on Twitter at @wrestlingbypir8.

NCAA Allocations and who owns them

125 (threshold: 30/30/.700):

ACC (2): Fausz, Hayes
Big 12 (7): Bianchi, Schwarm, Moody, Piccininni, Brown, LaMont, Moisey
Big Ten (10): Piotrowski, Oliver, Lee, Mattin, Foley, Lizak, Rivera, Tomasello, Welch, Suriano
EIWA (1): Cruz
EWL (2): Russell, Wert
MAC (2): Akins, McGee
Pac-12 (4): Millhof, Mendez, Bresser, Townsell
SoCon (1): Meink
At-Large (4):

133 (threshold: 30/30/.700):

ACC (5): Sherman, Wilson, Forys, Mueller, Gustafson
Big 12 (5): Sykora, Montoya, Brock, Gross, Bridges
Big Ten (7): Duncan, Micic, McKee, Pletcher, Keener, Thornton, Delvecchio
EIWA (3): Terao, DeSanto, Parker
EWL (1): Myers
MAC (4): Lantry, Tutolo, Erneste, Kelly
Pac-12 (2): Naser, Nickell
SoCon (1): Boston
At-Large (5):

141 (threshold: 27/27/.730):

ACC (3): Headlee, Jack, Zanetta
Big 12 (3): Alber, Heil, Meredith
Big Ten (8): Carr, Weaver, Thorn, Red, McKenna, Lee, Limmex, Stickley
EIWA (4): Smith, Diakomihalis, Karam, Gil
EWL (4): Zacherl, Shoop, Dippery, Cheek
MAC (3): Smith, Eierman, Madrigal
Pac-12 (1): Rohlfing
SoCon (1): Automatic
At-Large (6):

149 (threshold: 28/28/.720):

ACC (4): Heilmann, Donahue, Krivus, Blees
Big 12 (5): Olivas, Degen, Gliva, Thomsen, Lewallen
Big Ten (9): Sorensen, Bannister, Amine, Bleise, McCrystal, Deakin, Hayes, Retherford, DeLuca
EIWA (4): Sprague, Schuyler, Wilding, Kolodzik
EWL (1): Perry
MAC (2): Oliver, Leeth
Pac-12 (1): Tsirtsis
SoCon (1): Automatic
At-Large (6):

157 (threshold: 30/30/.700):

ACC (3): Finesilver, Hidlay, Rahmani
Big 12 (3): Ream, Zilverberg, Colgan
Big Ten (8): Kemerer, Pantaleo, Short, Berger, Jordan, Nolf, Van Brill, Crone
EIWA (6): Staudenmayer, Scheidel, Hammond, Brown, Davis, D’Angelo
EWL (2): Shomers, Klucker
MAC (3): Heffernan, Lavallee, Early
Pac-12 (3): Shields, Hammond, Fox
SoCon (1): Marinelli
At-Large (4):

165 (threshold: 27/27/.730):

ACC (2): Hamann, McFadden
Big 12 (6): Fogarty, Torres, Barnes, Rogers, Romero, Ashworth
Big Ten (10): Martinez, Marinelli, Massa, Wanzek, White, Campbell, Joseph, Morrissey, Lewis, Wick
EIWA (6): Chavez, Wolf, Daniels, Bethea, Schleifer, Deprez
EWL (2): Marsteller, Walsh
MAC (1): Flynn
Pac-12 (1): Valencia
SoCon (1): Perez
At-Large (4):

174 (threshold: 29/29/.710):

ACC (4): Finesilver, Ramos, Bullard, Bolen
Big 12 (5): Lujan, Mejias, Smith, Kocer, Bastian
Big Ten (7): Skatzka, Gunther, Amine, Sebastian, Jordan, Hall, Lydy
EIWA (5): Harvey, Womack, Johnson, Kutler, Bernstein
EWL (1): Schoffstall
MAC (3): Brucki, Lewis, Wright
Pac-12 (2): Valencia, Subjeck
SoCon (1): Przybysz
At-Large (5):

184 (threshold: 28/28/.720):

ACC (3): Ness, Renda, Zavatsky
Big 12 (4): Gabel, Foster, Moore, Mueller
Big Ten (8): Parker, Bowman, Abounader, Venz, Martin, Nickal, Gravina, Robertson
EIWA (7): Schneider, LaFragola, Dean, DeCiantis, Preisch, Coleman, Heyob
EWL (2): Corba, Hazel
MAC (2): Ellingwood, Marriott
Pac-12 (1): Automatic
SoCon (2): Clothier, Carr
At-Large (4):

197 (threshold: 28/28/.720):

ACC (3): Chaid, Macchiavello, Haught
Big 12 (4): Seely, Holschlag, Weigel, Rotert
Big Ten (6): Wilcke, Beazley, Moore, Rasheed, Brunner, Ritter
EIWA (6): Kasunic, Darmstadt, Loiseau, Weiler, Mattiace, Brucki
EWL (1): Automatic
MAC (2): Atienza, Miklus
Pac-12 (4): Lane, Williams, Griego, Traxler
SoCon (2): Boykin, Diabe
At-Large (5):

285 (threshold: 28/28/.720):

ACC (5): Kasper, Daniel, Boykin, Solomon, Dunn
Big 12 (3): Nevills, White, Dennison
Big Ten (7): Stoll, Hemida, Coon, Jennings, Snyder, Nevills, Streck
EIWA (5): Dempsey, Ryan, Sweany, Hughes, Wood
EWL (2): Miller, Haines
MAC (3): Gunning, Stencel, Hutchison
Pac-12 (3): Hall, Dhesi, Butler
SoCon (1): Heino
At-Large (4):

D-3 Week in Preview, February 12-18

All times Eastern, with local times in parenthesis:

*-Indicates a one-pound weight allowance shall be granted.

Note that this will be the last Week in Preview of the season, and includes all events prior to the regional tournaments.

Tuesday, February 13:

Mount Union at Baldwin Wallace, 7:30 PM
Ohio Northern at Heidelberg, 7:30 PM
Muskingum at John Carroll, 7:30 PM
Mount St. Joseph at Manchester, 7:30 PM
Dubuque at Simpson (IA), 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Wednesday, February 14:

Cortland at Ithaca, 7:00 PM
Messiah at McDaniel, 7:00 PM
Greensboro at Belmont Abbey, 7:30 PM

Thursday, February 15:

Washington & Lee at Averett, 7:00 PM
Johns Hopkins at Elizabethtown, 7:00 PM
St. Olaf at Luther, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Friday, February 16:

Hunter at Centenary, 7:00 PM
Keystone at King’s, 7:00 PM
Scranton vs. Wilkes at King’s, 7:00 PM
Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Augsburg, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Saturday, February 17:

Williamson at Ursinus, 11:00 AM
*Keystone vs. Wilkes at Scranton, 12:00 PM
*King’s at Scranton, 12:00 PM
Gettysburg at York (PA), 12:00 PM
Penn State-Mont Alto at Ursinus, 12:30 PM
Penn State Club at Ursinus, 2:00 PM
Liberty at Muhlenberg, 6:00 PM

D-2 Week in Preview, February 12-18

All times Eastern, with local times in parenthesis:

*-Indicates a one-pound weight allowance shall be granted.

Note that this will be the last Week in Preview of the season, and includes all events prior to the super regional tournaments.

Monday, February 12:

North Carolina Pembroke at King, 7:00 PM
Colorado State-Pueblo at New Mexico Highlands, 8:00 PM (6:00 PM)

Tuesday, February 13:

LIU Post at East Stroudsburg, 7:00 PM
Coker at Newberry, 7:00 PM
Lake Erie at Wheeling Jesuit, 7:00 PM
Shippensburg at Kutztown, 7:30 PM
*Northern State at Minot State, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Wednesday, February 14:

Emmanuel at Limestone, 7:00 PM
Gannon at Mercyhurst, 7:00 PM
West Liberty at Ohio Valley, 7:00 PM
Greensboro at Belmont Abbey, 7:30 PM
*Northern State at Mary, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Thursday, February 15:

Millersville at Franklin & Marshall, 7:30 PM
Minot State at Minnesota State-Moorhead, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)
Augustana (SD) at St. Cloud State, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Friday, February 16:

Newberry at Emmanuel, 7:00 PM

Sunday, February 18:

East Carolina at Queens, 2:00 PM
South Carolina at Queens, 2:00 PM