2 thoughts on “February 18th, 2019 WrestlingByPirate Dual Impact Index

  1. Thanks for all of your work, this is great information. Could you give us some insight on how you calculate strength of schedule? I’m not looking for any proprietary information but just an overview on how you come to these numbers.

    Part 2, this is primarily regarding Jason Nolf and Ryan Deakin. Deakin’s got a much greater SOS than Nolf, subsequently a greater RPI per the NCAA’s numbers as well. Unfortunately, the NCAA doesn’t give us their numbers, only the rating. Do you calculate these numbers when you do your break down of who’s earned the AQs? If so, can you share. I understand the NCAA’s calculation but I don’t have all the data, It looks like you do. Thanks again.

    • Strength of schedule is the average of every other opponent’s numbers, minus 100.

      As far as the RPI, I can try, but the numbers I’ve come up with in year’s past aren’t really close enough to the NCAA’s to actually be able to pull that off. Not always sure if the difference is in dataset or there’s an issue with my math, either.

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