Wrestlers who earned AQ slots, but will need to go through the at-large process:

Note: This is a finalized list.

125: Trey Chalifoux, Army West Point (Gage Curry, American); Shakur Laney, Ohio (Bryce West, Northern Illinois); Zeke Moisey, Nebraska (Elijah Oliver, Indiana); Rico Montoya, Northern Colorado (Jacob Schwarm, Northern Iowa); Cole Verner, Wyoming (Christian Moody, Oklahoma)
133: Casey Cobb, Navy (Zach Trampe, Binghamton); Noah Gonser, Campbell (Codi Russell, Appalachian State); Mario Guillen, Ohio (Tim Rooney, Kent State); Mason Pengilly, Stanford (Devan Turner, Oregon State); Cam Sykora, North Dakota State (Gary Joint, Fresno State)
141: Matt Findlay, Utah Valley (Christopher Sandoval, Northern Colorado); Sam Krivus, Virginia (Josh Finesilver, Duke); Nate Limmex, Purdue (Pete Lipari, Rutgers); Corey Shie, Army West Point (Anthony Sparacio, Binghamton)
149: Matt Zovistoski, Appalachian State (Tanner Smith, Chattanooga)
157: Eric Barone, Illinois (Alec Pantaleo, Michigan); Zac Carson, Ohio (Justin Ruffin, Southern Illinois Edwardsville); Kizhan Clarke, American (Christian LaBrie, Brown); Paul Fox, Stanford (Hunter Willits, Oregon State); Josh McClure, North Carolina (Ben Anderson, Duke); Adam Santoro, Cornell (Quincy Monday, Princeton); Justin Thomas, Oklahoma (Chase Straw, Iowa State)
165: Colston DiBlasi, George Mason (Evan Delong, Clarion); Connor Flynn, Missouri (Troy Keller, Buffalo); Joseph Gunther, Illinois (Tyler Morland, Northwestern); Nick Kiussis, West Virginia (Joe Smith, Oklahoma State); Jonathan Viruet, Brown (Tanner Skidgel, Navy)
174: Joe Grello, Rutgers (Drew Hughes, Michigan State); Hayden Hastings, Wyoming (Jacobe Smith, Oklahoma State); Jacob Oliver, Edinboro (Dean Sherry, Rider); Travis Stefanik, Princeton (Vincent Deprez, Binghamton)
184: Cameron Caffey, Michigan State (Nick Gravina, Rutgers); Jelani Embree, Michigan (Max Lyon, Purdue); Tate Samuelson, Wyoming (Dakota Geer, Oklahoma State)
197: Greg Bulsak, Clarion (Ethan Laird, Rider); Rocco Caywood, Army West Point (Jake Jakobsen, Lehigh); Cale Davidson, Wyoming (Preston Weigel, Oklahoma State); Wyatt Koelling, Missouri (Brett Perry, Buffalo); Sawyer Root, The Citadel (Rod Jones, Chattanooga); Jacob Seely, Northern Colorado (Anthony McLaughlin, Air Force); Kellan Stout, Pittsburgh (Brandon Whitman, North Carolina)
285: Jake Gunning, Buffalo (Zack Parker, Ohio); Will Hilliard, Old Dominion (Colton McKiernan, Southern Illinois Edwardsville); Brandon Metz, North Dakota State (Brandon Ngati, West Virginia); Chase Singletary, Ohio State (Youssif Hemida, Maryland); Sam Stoll, Iowa (David Jensen, Nebraska); Ben Sullivan, Army West Point (Antonio Pelusi, Franklin & Marshall); Jeramy Sweany, Cornell (Ian Butterbrodt, Brown)

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