Post-Conference WrestlingByPirate Dual Impact Index

Post-Conference Dual Impact Index

Here’s how the numbers are calculated:

Individual rankings: Basically, all wrestlers set to 100 at the start of the calculation, and the opponents’ rankings having 30, 40, 50, or 60, depending on the type of victory (to correspond with dual scoring), either added or subtracted from it in each cycle. When the numbers stabilize to three digits (the one-thousandths place), the rankings are finalized for the week.Wrestlers who qualified for the NCAA Championships are listed in white. Those in yellow attempted, but failed, to qualify, and those in red did not compete at their conference championships.

Dual-Results (final):

Based on the results of duals themselves. Figured the same way as the individual rankings, with each team being given +/- 30 points for a win or a loss, plus or minus one point for each match the dual is won or lost by. Criteria points are not included in this figure.


Calculated using actual NCAA Championships brackets, with bonus points included.

Dual-Component (not calculated this week):

Teams are matched up in mock duals based on how the individual wrestlers are rated. Bonus points are given at a margin of 35, 45, and 55 points, to simulate major decisions, technical falls, and falls, respectively. The number listed is the number of mock duals won.

Roster-Component (not calculated this week):

Similar to the Dual-Component ranking, but includes wrestlers listed in red. Basically, what things might look like if every single coach in the country had available and used their optimal lineup


WL: Based on only wins and losses (Dual-Results only)

MOV: Based on only margin of victory/scoring of bonus points (Dual-Results only)

SOS: Strength of Schedule, the average ratings of your opponents minus 100

Total: Win/Loss plus MOV (Dual-Results only)

Forf Wts: Number of weights forfeited in duals due to lack of eligible wrestlers, will be zero for most schools by end of season (component rankings only)


Final Conference Championships Police Blotter:


Thieves: Tucker Owens (Air Force), Antonio Lorenzo (Cal Poly), Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern), Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma State), Eddie Ventresca (Virginia Tech)
Victims: Braxton Brown (Maryland), Jack Wagner (North Carolina), Tanner Jordan (South Dakota State), Nico Provo (Stanford), Killian Cardinale (West Virginia)


Thieves: Jack Maida (American), Ethan Rotondo (Cal Poly), Angelo Rini (Columbia), Brody Teske (Iowa), McGwire Midkiff (North Dakota State)
Victims: Cody Phippen (Air Force), Kurtis Phipps (Bucknell), Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield), Henry Porter (Indiana), Connor McGonagle (Lehigh)


Thieves: Josh Mason (Bloomsburg), Seth Koleno (Clarion), Casey Swiderski (Iowa State), Kai Miller (Maryland), Frankie Tal-Shahar (Northwestern), Carmen Ferrante (Penn), Jordan Titus (West Virginia), Joseph Zargo (Wisconsin)
Victims: Darren Miller (Bucknell), Danny Pucino (Illinois), Cole Mattin (Michigan), Dylan Droegemueller (North Dakota State), Cael Happel (Northern Iowa), McKenzie Bell (Rider), Joe Olivieri (Rutgers), Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville)


Thieves: Dylan Chappell (Bucknell), Nate Higley (George Mason), Alec Hagan (Ohio), Tony White (Rutgers), Isaiah Delgado (Utah Valley), Jarod Verkleeren (Virginia)
Victims: Nick Stonecheck (Lock Haven), Doug Zapf (Penn), Tyler Badgett (Pittsburgh), Caleb Tyus (SIU Edwardsville), Sam Hillegas (West Virginia), Austin Gomez (Wisconsin)


Thieves: Nathan Lukez (Army West Point), Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa), Jason Kraisser (Iowa State), Ashton Eyler (Lock Haven), Jared Hill (Oklahoma)
Victims: Marcus Robinson (Cleveland State), Cesar Alvan (Columbia), Jarrett Jacques (Missouri), Derek Holschlag (Northern Iowa), Paddy Gallagher (Ohio State)


Thieves: Rodrick Mosley (Gardner-Webb), Josh Kim (Harvard), Bubba Wilson (Nebraska), Cole Moody (Wyoming)
Victims: Will Formato (Appalachian State), Evan Barczak (Drexel), Caleb Fish (Michigan State), Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma State)


Thieves: Cael Valencia (Arizona State), John Worthing (Clarion), Lennox Wolak (Columbia), Philip Conigliaro (Harvard), Nelson Brands (Iowa), Tyler Stoltzfus (Lock Haven), Tate Picklo (Oklahoma), Jackson Turley (Rutgers)
Victims: Mickey O’Malley (Drexel), Jared McGill (Edinboro), Logan Messer (George Mason), Donnell Washington (Indiana), Julien Broderson (Iowa State), Troy Fisher (Northwestern), Nick Incontrera (Penn), Tyler Eischens (Stanford)


Thieves: Caleb Hopkins (Campbell), Colton Hawks (Missouri), David Key (Navy), Zayne Lehman (Ohio)
Victims: Giuseppe Hoose (Buffalo), Matthew Waddell (Chattanooga), Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra), Cade King (South Dakota State)


Thieves: Andrew Davison (Northwestern)
Victims: Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State)


Thieves: Hayden Copass (Purdue)
Victims: Jaron Smith (Maryland)