December 5th, 2016 Dual Impact Index presented by the National Collegiate Open

12/5/16 Dual Impact Index p/b @NCOWrestling

Here’s how to make sense of these numbers:

Individual rankings: Basically, all wrestlers set to 100 at the start of the calculation, and the opponents’ rankings having 30, 40, 50, or 60, depending on the type of victory (to correspond with dual scoring), either added or subtracted from it in each cycle. When the numbers stabilize to three digits (the one-thousandths place), the rankings are finalized for the week.


Minimum numbers of matches for the season to be listed remain at five against other Division I opponents, however, matches against teammates no longer count towards that number.In order to be ranked, however, it is also a requirement that a wrestler participate in a single-entry (or ten-overall) tournament or dual meet, attached. Wrestlers who have met the five-match requirement, but not the single-entry requirement, are listed in red. Wrestlers who have met both requirements, but are not the best wrestler at the weight on their team, are listed in yellow.

Note that Brown, Illinois and Penn have not had any single-entry or ten-overall tournaments as a team, so none of their wrestlers will be ranked, they will all be listed in red. Illinois and Penn will have their first this week, Brown will not until Midlands.

No team metrics have been calculated yet.