NCAA Allocation Police Blotter (Final)

“Victims” refer to those who earned an allocation for their conference, but will be relying on an at-large bid, “Thieves” refer to those who did not earn an allocation for their conference during the regular season, but finished with an allocated spot and will be going to nationals.


Thieves: Korbin Meink, Campbell; Jace Koelzer, Northern Colorado; Brody Teske, Northern Iowa; Logan Ashton, Stanford; Patrick McCormick, Virginia
Victims: Caleb Smith, Appalachian State; Antonio Lorenzo, Cal Poly; Kysen Terukina, Iowa State; Noah Surtin, Missouri; Gage Curry, Pittsburgh


Thieves: Sidney Flores, Air Force; Anthony Madrigal, Oklahoma
Victims: Kellyn March, North Dakota State; Gabriel Tagg, South Dakota State


Thieves: Josh Mason, Bloomsburg; Gabe Willochel, Edinboro; Wilfredo Gil, Franklin & Marshall; Conor McGonagle, Lehigh; Stevan Micic, Michigan; Frankie Tal Shahar, Northwestern; Jacob Butler, Oklahoma; Quinn Kinner, Rider; Dylan Cedeno, Virginia
Victims: Ryan Anderson, Binghamton; Darren Miller, Bucknell; Dresden Simon, Central Michigan; Seth Koleno, Clarion; Kizhan Clarke, North Carolina; Cael Happel, Northern Iowa; Kyran Hagan, Ohio; Parker Filius, Purdue; Joseph Zargo, Wisconsin


Thieves: John Arceri, Buffalo; Kody Komara, Kent State; Dashawn Farber, Lock Haven; Michael Blockhus, Minnesota; Zachary Sherman, North Carolina; Colin Realbuto, Northern Iowa; Cory Crooks, Oregon State; Marshall Keller, Princeton
Victims: Brent Moore, Clarion; Dan Fongaro, Columbia; Alex Madrigal, George Mason; Josh Edmond, Missouri; Yahya Thomas, Northwestern; Alec Hagan, Ohio; Jaden Abas, Stanford; Jarod Verkleeren, Virginia


Thieves: Ben Barton, Lock Haven; Derek Holschlag, Northern Iowa; Brady Berge, Penn State
Victims: Chase Saldate, Michigan State; Jordan Slivka, Ohio; Wyatt Sheets, Oklahoma State


Thieves: Brevin Cassella, Binghamton; Andrew Nicholson, Chattanooga; Austin Wilson, Nebraska; David Ferrante, Northwestern; Matthew Olguin, Oregon State
Victims: William Formato, Appalachian State; Anthony Valencia, Arizona State; Dan Braunagel, Illinois; Brian Meyer, Lehigh; Creighton Edsell, Penn State


Thieves: Jacob Nolan, Binghamton; Jay Nivison, Buffalo; Dominic Solis, Maryland; Connor O’Neill, Rutgers; Tyler Eischens, Stanford; Dennis Robin, West Virginia
Victims: Sam Wolf, Air Force; Chris Foca, Cornell; Bailee O’Reilly, Minnesota; Sal Perrine, Ohio; Aaron Olmos, Oregon State; Gerrit Nijenhaus, Purdue


Thieves: Abe Assad, Iowa; Colin McCracken, Kent State; AJ Burkhart, Lehigh; Jack Jessen, Northwestern; Keegan Moore, Oklahoma
Victims: Ethan Ducca, Edinboro; Charles Small, Hofstra; Donnell Washington, Indiana; Dakota Geer, Oklahoma State; Max Lyon, Purdue


Thieves: Benjamin Smith, Cleveland State; Michial Foy, Minnesota; Cole Urbas, Penn; Evan Bockman, Utah Valley
Victims: JT Brown, Army West Point; Will Feldkamp, Clarion; Jaron Smith, Maryland; Alan Clothier, Northern Colorado


Thieves: Joe Doyle, Binghamton; Josh Heindselman, Oklahoma; Luke Surber, Oklahoma State
Victims: Zachary Knighton-Ward, Hofstra; Brandon Metz, North Dakota State; Michael Wolfgram, West Virginia


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  1. Thanks, Pirate. I will be following this post as the ILLINI Wrestling Blog and Forum and Beyond is very interested in 165. Cheers!

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